Isobar IWS Brazil- Senior Mobile Developer – iOS (C2) (Porto Alegre)

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Cris Souza

Position Overview

Senior iOS Mobile Developers must be skilled enough to build custom iOS applications for some of the world’s leading companies. Candidates must:

• Be able to architect, develop and debug applications utilizing Apple’s iOS SDK.

• Be able to take the lead on projects and delegate tasks to other developers on the team.

• Be able to solve problems and assist in debugging issues with other developers.

• Working with leads and/or architects to help estimate overall timelines and risks to management, as well as participating in design meetings to address the feasibility of design requirements.

The ideal candidate will:

• Have IT consulting experience

• Be familiar with a team approach to execution

• Possess effective written and verbal communication skills (in English)


Senior Mobile Developers at Isobar will be responsible for key components within applications they are assigned to work on. They must ensure that the project tasks assigned to them are completed on time and as designed. They will be required to spot problems and bring them to the technical lead’s attention as soon as possible. They must be able to interact with other disciplines (creative, backend services, etc.) and developers to clearly specify when required elements are due in order to deliver on schedule.

• Design, develop and test applications from the ground up

• Work with established SDKs

• Work with outside data sources and APIs such as REST APIs

• Troubleshoot, optimize and performance tune

• Innovate and brainstorm new features

• Work closely with a Project Manager and a Mobile Architect to execute solutions

Required Experience / Skills

• Fluency in English

• Experience with the current version of the iOS SDK

• Have at least one app in the Apple App Store

• Experience working with standard iOS interface components such as table views, navigation controllers, various button and control types, etc., as well as creating custom interface elements

• Understanding of Cocoa programming methodologies and memory management

• Experience with Interface Builder in which at least one app was created using Interface Builder as the primary UI tool

• Experience with Web Services with either JSON or XML-formatted return data

• An understanding of block and/or multi-threaded based programing concepts

• Experience with source control systems such as Git, SVN, etc.

• 3+ years of experience in software development with at least 2+ years of mobile iOS development

Nice to Have

• Familiarity with Apple’s enterprise developer accounts and ad-hoc distribution on standard developer accounts

• Familiarity with AV media frameworks

• Familiarity with iOS’s networking framework

• Familiarity with Objective-C blocks and/or multi-threaded apps

• Familiarity with Core graphics and Core animations

• Familiarity with SQL-based database systems and/or Core data technologies

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