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Laywer Miller

Pixelartgratuit puts on its jersey and joins footballer Amandine Henry in pixel art to score goals. This French champion is available on a white or black background for the enjoyment of her fans.

Do you also like women's football? Join us on the virtual field to shoot bullets straight into the net. No goalkeeper will resist our shock team! Tighten your crampons, we are going to win!

When we talk about French women's football we cannot miss this golden haired champion, Amandine Henry. National pride, she seduces fans with her assists and dribbles to knock down opponents.

In addition to her exceptional record (nine titles of champion of France between 2008 and 2016, five victories in the Coupe de France and three Champions Leagues), she has the greatest qualities: she is from Lyon! Just like us 🙂

A player in Olympique Lyonnais, her position in midfield is decisive for her team. If you love football, this player is the one who deserves your full attention. Put on the blue jerseys and shout their name at the start of each season!

In short, Amandine Henry in pixel art is the virtual version of this great football player. In addition to being strong in the field, it is easy to reproduce on paper. In order to save it, just click on the image and choose "save as". It is also possible to print it with one click by clicking on the printer icon below the images.