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Laywer Miller

Pixelartgratuit offers you this magnificent model of P'tit Biscuit in pixel art disney to consume without moderation, on a white or black background!

Here is the most glorious and the bravest of all the warriors in the wizarding world. Little Biscuit! He resisted everything: the tortures of Lord Farquaad. At the gladiatorial arenas where he had to fight fiercely. To the moat into which his (giant) brother fell. And he's one of Shrek's most loyal companions. 

We must also recognize that it is deliciously good ... Hmmmmmm ... Its aromas of cinnamon, honey, spices and ginger ... Moreover, we could not resist in our premises at the Manufacture du Pixel because we we bit into a little bit of our leg. 

It's not a big deal, because we have a delicious recipe for P'tit biscuit very well rated on Marmiton ( 4.5 / 5, it's not bad! ). We will remake him a leg on occasion. If we haven't eaten everything before 🙂

In short, a pixel art P'tit Biscuit model that is easy to make and copy for children (and adults). To save it, it's very simple, one click on the image then "save as". To print it, it's even easier, a little click on the icon below the images and it's all good!