Curso Become a Good Matlab Programmer in less than 30 days

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Sobre o curso

This course offers Coursovie Training Certificate in addition to Udemy Certificate. Coursovie Certificate is FREE and requires registration on Coursovie Website. In order to register please visit us at (coursoviedotcom).
  • Data de publicação: 18/08/2017
  • Idioma: Inglês (EUA)
  • Plataforma: Udemy
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Ementa do Curso

  • Módulo 01 | How to request your Coursovie Training Inc. Certificate
  • Módulo 02 |An Introduction to Matlab Software
  • Módulo 03 |Chapter 2- Work with Mathematics in Matlab
  • Módulo 04 |How create, define and use Variables in Matlab like a pro
  • Módulo 05 |Trigonometric Functions in Matlab
  • Módulo 06 |Complex Numbers in Matlab Programming
  • Módulo 07 |Vectors in Matlab - Let's lay the foundation
  • Módulo 08 |Matrices - Let's see the Power of Matlab
  • Módulo 09 |Introduction to Calculus, and Engineering Functions in MATLAB
  • Módulo 10 |Graphs & Plots in Matlab
  • Módulo 11 |Introduction to Programming in Matlab using Loops, Conditions, and Sequences
  • Módulo 12 |Let's Code some Matlab Projects in Matlab (Codes included)
  • Módulo 13 |How to Import Data from Excel to Matlab and Manipulate it
  • Módulo 14 |Bonus Materials
  • Módulo 15 |What is Next ?

Mais informações

O que você irá aprender com este curso:

  • At the end of this course you are a confident Matlab Programmer
  • By the end of the course, you are able to formulate intermediate and some advanced engineering projects into Matlab and solve them using programming skills
  • You are fully able to solve any engineering and technical project offered at University or College

Pré requisitos: 

  • In this course we start from the very begining and no prior programming experience is required.
  • Matlab Software Installation: You are requried to install the Matlab Software on your machine, so you can start exectuing the codes, and examples we work during the course. Please visit : for requesting a free trial of the software if you didn't have it already. Most of the Universities offer a free student version of the software, therefore, if you are a student, first contact your university to see if such a program is avaiable. If you are not a student or your university didn't offer it, you can purchase the studnet version directly from Mathworks. Please note that we need the student version in this class which already comes with 10 of the most important Matlab Toolboxes installed.
  • The will to learn programming and Matlab in Particular !
  • General Knowledge of Computer

Carga horária: 

  • 7,5 horas
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