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CCNA Security 640-554 LiveLessons helps you develop the hands-on knowledge and skills you need to secure Cisco networks and prepare for the CCNA Secuirty IINS 640-554 exam.
  • Data de publicação: 12/09/2017
  • Idioma: Inglês (EUA)
  • Plataforma: Pearson Education (InformIT)
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  • 10 Módulos

    Lesson 1: Hardening Cisco IOS Network Devices

    Lesson 1.1: Initializing a Router to Allow Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP) to Connect and Manage the Router

    Lesson 1.2: Defining Communities in CCP and Importing the Configuration from a Router

    Lesson 1.3: Using the CCP Security Audit                 

    Lesson 2: Implementing Secure Management and Monitoring

    Lesson 2.1: Configuring Network Time Protocol (NTP)

    Lesson 2.2: Configuring Syslog Destinations

    Lesson 2.3: Creating Users in the Local Database (running-config)

    Lesson 2.4: Enabling AAA Services

    Lesson 2.5: Creating and Assigning Parser Views for Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

    Lesson 3: Central Access Control Server (ACS)

    Lesson 3.1: Configuring a Router to use TACACS+ with Cisco Access Control Server (ACS)

    Lesson 3.2: Configuring Device Groups and Identity Groups Within ACS

    Lesson 3.3: Configuring Authorization Policies in ACS

    Lesson 3.4: Verifying the Results of ACS Authentication and Authorization at the Router

    Lesson 4: Implementing Layer 2 Protection for Switches

    Lesson 4.1: Protecting Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) with BPDU Guard

    Lesson 4.2: Mitigating CAM Table Overflows Attacks Using Port Security                      

    Lesson 5: Packet Filtering with Access Control Lists (ACL)

    Lesson 5.1: Filtering IPv4 Packets on the Router Using Access Control Lists (ACL)

    Lesson 5.2: Using Object Groups to Simplify ACL Management

    Lesson 5.3: Filtering IPv6 Traffic  

    Lesson 6: Cisco IOS Zone Based Firewall (ZBF)

    Lesson 6.1: Using CCP to Implement a Zone-Based Firewall (ZBF) on an IOS Router

    Lesson 6.2: Using CCP to Modify and Verify the ZBF Components

    Lesson 7: Cisco ASA Firewall

    Lesson 7.1: Initializing a 5505 ASA Firewall

    Lesson 7.2: Using ASDM to Configure the Firewall

    Lesson 7.3: Configuring NAT on the ASA

    Lesson 7.4: Implementing and Verifying Policy on the ASA

    Lesson 8: IOS-Based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

    Lesson 8.1: Installing the IOS-Based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

    Lesson 8.2: Configuring and Verifying IOS-Based IPS        

    Lesson 9: IPsec VPN Site-to-Site Tunnels

    Lesson 9.1: Using CCP to Create IPsec Site-to-Site Virtual Private Network (VPN) Tunnels

    Lesson 9.2: Testing and Verifying IPsec Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels     

    Lesson 10: Implementing SSL VPNs on the Cisco ASA Firewall

    Lesson 10.1: Using ASDM to Create the AnyConnect SSL VPN Service

    Lesson 10.2: Using ASDM to Clientless SSL VPN Service

Mais informações

In this video training, CCIE-certified expert trainer Keith Barker provides you 5 hours of hands-on, step-by-step video training on common Cisco network security configuration and troubleshooting tasks. These hands-on video lessons cover hardening network devices with Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP), implementing secure management and monitoring, using ACS and TACACS+, implementing layer 2 protection for switches, packet filtering ACLs, configuring Cisco IOS zone-based firewalls and Cisco ASA firewalls, adding IPS to Cisco routers, connecting IPsec site to site VPN tunnels on Cisco routers, and implementing SSL VPNs on the Cisco ASA. Through this collection of 10 video training lessons, divided into 29 sublessons, you will gain insight into the hands-on configuration and troubleshooting skills needed to develop a security infrastructure, recognize threats and vulnerabilities to networks, and mitigate security threats.

What You Will Learn

  • Harden network devices with CCP
  • Implement secure management and monitoring
  • Use a central ACS with TACACS+
  • Implement Layer 2 protection for switches
  • Reduce risk with ACL packet filtering
  • Deploy IOS Zone-Based Firewalls and Cisco ASA firewalls
  • Add IPS to Cisco routers
  • Implement IPsec site-to-site and SSL VPNs

Who Should Take This Course

CCNA Security certification candidates are the primary audience for this product. This includes administrators, technicians, and network engineers who are responsible for securing Cisco routers and switches. These videos will appeal to any engineer involved in Cisco network security, especially Cisco reseller and partner engineers who are seeking to increase their understanding beyond CCNA or directly responsible for security in their organization.

Course Requirements

This product focuses on theoretical and practical configuration tasks. Users should have a basic understanding of networking technology or currently hold a CCNA certification. These individuals need not have extensive hands-on experience, since the focus of this product is an introduction to the Cisco router and switch security. 

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