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Redis is an open-source data structure server that allows developers to organize data using a key-value storage method. This powerful database is perfect for high performance jobs such as caching. Redis is a no-fuss and fast database for many different functions including as a cache or a message broker.
  • Data de publicação: 14/08/2017
  • Idioma: Inglês (EUA)
  • Plataforma: Udemy
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Ementa do Curso

  • Módulo 01 | Course Intro
    • Introduction
  • Módulo 02 | Intro To Redis
    • Section Intro
    • What Is Redis
    • Thinking In Redis
    • General Security
    • Intro To Redis Quiz
  • Módulo 03 | Getting Started With Redis
    • Section Intro
    • Installing Redis in Linux
    • Installing Redis in Windows
    • Redis CLI Basics
    • Getting Started With Redis Quiz
  • Módulo 04 | Learning Redis Commands
    • Section Intro
    • Key Value Pair Commands
    • SCAN & MATCH
    • Client & Config Commands
    • Learning Redis Commands Quiz
  • Módulo 05 | Working With Data Types
    • Section Intro
    • Lists
    • Sets
    • Sorted Sets
    • Hashes
    • Working With Data Types Quiz
  • Módulo 06 | Data Persistence
    • Section Intro
    • Data Persistence Overview
    • RDB & Snapshotting
    • AOF - Append Only File
    • RDB & AOF In Action
    • Data Persistence Quiz
  • Módulo 07 | Redis & Node.js - Task List Project
    • Project Intro
    • Node.js & Express Server Setup
    • Client Setup & Get Tasks
    • Adding Tasks
    • Deleting Tasks
    • Next Call Hash
    • Twitter Bootstrap UI
  • Módulo 08 | Course Summary
    • Summary

Mais informações


  • Students who are completely new to Redis and are looking for learning this technology from the ground up will find this course very useful

O que você irá aprender com este curso:

  • Learn to use Redis in your web projects
  • Understand and master Redis philosophy and development techniques
  • Master Professional Redis tips and tricks
  • Create a complete professional project using Redis

Pré requisitos:

  • Students should have basic knowledge of web programming and databases such as MySQL or MongoDB

Carga horária:

  • 3 horas
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