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14 hours of video instruction to learn everything you need to know about the Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) certification exam.
  • Data de publicação: 11/09/2017
  • Idioma: Inglês (EUA)
  • Plataforma: Pearson Education (InformIT)
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  • 07 Módulos

    Module 1: Security Operations and Administration

    • Lesson 1: Overview of SSCP and the (ISC)2 Code of Ethics
    • Lesson 2: Security Terminology and Policy
    • Lesson 3: Security Administration

    Module 2: Risk Identification, Monitoring, and Analysis

    • Lesson 4: Risk Management and Assessment
    • Lesson 5: Security Operations

    Module 3: Access Controls

    • Lesson 6: Access Controls (Part 1)
    • Lesson 7: Access Controls (Part 2)

    Module 4: Network and Communications Security

    • Lesson 8: Types of Attacks
    • Lesson 9: Network Protocols and Services
    • Lesson 10: Infrastructure Device Protection
    • Lesson 11: Overview of Security Devices
    • Lesson 12: Wireless Technology and Security

    Module 5: Cryptography

    • Lesson 13: Cryptography (Part 1)
    • Lesson 14: Cryptography (Part 2)

    Module 6: Systems and Application Security

    • Lesson 15: Malware Threats
    • Lesson 16: Identifying Malware and IoCs
    • Lesson 17: Endpoint Security
    • Lesson 18: Systems and Application Security

    Module 7: Incident Response and Recovery

    • Lesson 19: Incident Response and Recovery

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Carga horária

  • 14 horas

SSCP (Systems Security Certified Practitioner) Complete Video Course provides 14 hours of comprehensive video that teaches you everything you need to know to get up and running with systems security. The (ISC)2 SSCP exam is a solid introductory certification in IT security, and this comprehensive video course walks you through every topic on the exam blueprint so you can learn about system security from the ground up and gain the knowledge and skills you need to pass the SSCP exam. Full of live trainer discussions, hands-on demos, whiteboard work, and deep-dive discussions, this course covers security fundamentals and principles in a way that is easy to access. 

SSCP (Systems Security Certified Practitioner) Complete Video Course is a unique video product that teaches you the fundamentals of system security while also covering every objective in the SSCP certification exam so you can learn everything needed to pass the test, along with the knowledge and skills you need to advance your cybersecurity career. The (ISC)2 SSCP exam is a vendor-neutral world-recognized certification that endorses your IT security knowledge. It is also a great way to start your path toward CISSP certification, which is the next step through (ISC)2.

The video lessons in this course review each exam objective, so you can use it as a complete study tool for taking the SSCP exam. 

    This course also includes

    • End-of-lesson quizzes so you can make sure you have mastered knowledge as you move through the course
    • A practice exam that runs in the powerful Pearson Test Prep practice test software

    Topics include

    • Access controls
    • Security operations and administration
    • Risk identification, monitoring, and analysis
    • Incident response and recovery
    • Cryptography
    • Network and communications security
    • Systems and application security

    What You Will Learn

    • Key concepts for all the objectives on the SSCP exam
    • Security and cybersecurity fundamentals and principles

    Who Should Take This Course

    The target audience for this course consists of systems/network/application security professionals who are preparing for the SSCP exam. A secondary audience consists of any IT professional who wants to gain a broad understanding of how to secure modern enterprises.

    Course Requirements

    There are no prerequisites for this course, although fundamental networking knowledge is recommended.

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