Fix as a Partner of Your Real Estate Agency: Discover the Benefits

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The work of intermediating the sale, purchase and leasing of properties between tenants and owners, carried out by real estate companies, faces many challenges. The main one is the provision of a quality service that guarantees the rights and duties of everyone involved. Discover the benefits of having Fix as your real estate agency partner.

With this point as a basic premise, real estate companies, such as Sky Marketing, need to think about how they can improve their services, optimizing time and money. In the globalized world, we live in, where the internet makes many things easier for people. Real estate companies need to adapt, modernizing their operations in the market so that they can remain profitable and competitive.

One of the important points when thinking about the modernization of your real estate agency is automation. Technological tools can shorten the time it takes to complete tasks, helping to improve customer satisfaction. It is important to think about partnerships with key services that involve your business.

One of the examples most often cited is the residential maintenance, as part of the daily lives of all real estate chase professionals to work on reforms, systems hydraulic, electrical, walls paint, malfunctioning equipment such as air conditioning, among many others services demanded by real estate.

There are many benefits of having Fix as a partner of your real estate company. In this case, it will be possible to hire these services with greater flexibility, security and quality, with the facilities that technology provides, as we are a management and cost reduction platform for your real estate agency. The advantages of establishing a partnership with us, you can see in the topics below. Look!

Cost Reduction and Profitability of Repairs

The housing market and housing societies, such as kingdom valley , had been recovering from the 2008 crisis. However, we did not expect to face a new crisis as quickly as Coronavirus. Due to social isolation, cost reduction has been a priority for most companies, including real estate companies.

With more people at home from the transformation of work behavior caused by the pandemic, the chances of unforeseen events within the properties can increase. The use of electrical and hydraulic systems is much more frequent, and the wear of wiring, plumbing, and even items such as heaters, shutters, and furniture accelerates. In the case of corporate properties, the moment of little or no movement of personnel began to take advantage of repairs and improvements to their facilities.

The realization of all this, however, needs to be thought about. For real estate companies, for example, hiring these professionals separately can be more costly and still pose risks to the security and integrity of the company and the client. It is smarter and more strategic to use Fix's mediation, which already has qualified professionals, who have gone through the fine-tooth comb of our selection process and are ready to provide quality services.

We help you reduce the number of hours your team has.

With more than fifteen specialities of service providers, we help you reduce the number of team hours dedicated to budgeting, and we also digitalize all the steps between contracting the service and its realization. You and your team won't need to spend hours calling professionals and raising budgets. We do it all for you in a surprisingly fast time, plus we make sure you communicate the status of your ticket to the landlord and tenant. Not to mention that, in this way, the economy is guaranteed.

But you might be wondering, how much does it cost to use Fix's platform? The good news is that you don't pay anything to use our technology, and you still get paid for it! For each service performed by your client, you receive a percentage of the amount paid as a way of thanking you for recommending this service to our professional partner. Our model was specially designed so that everyone wins throughout the process. So we offer better sources of income to providers, more efficiency to real estate agencies and more satisfaction to tenants and owners.

Modernization and Digital Transformation

Ease is a keyword in the digitized and ultra-connected world we live in. People have neither the patience nor the time to waste. The analogue world is losing place and tends to lag behind. Therefore, the modernization of your real estate is essential. Digitally transforming your home maintenance services through Fix can be the first step. You can avail yourself of the digital transformation through Fix if you are living in silver city islamabad.

Imagine telling your potential clients, owners and tenants, that when they hire your real estate agency, they will have professionals available in the package, ranging from locksmiths to carpenters within reach of your smartphone and directly through your website. In addition to improving the image of your real estate agency in front of your customers, you can transform it into an example of modernity and sophistication.

Becoming a reference for real estate in terms of modernization and automation of services is the dream of every real estate agency. Therefore, it is necessary to start this process as soon as possible, but we know it is not simple.

Manpower specialized in website development is something scarce and expensive nowadays. That's why we are very concerned about facilitating the integration process as much as possible for our partners, seeking to offer the best experience for you and your customers.

With easy implementation and guidance by us, you have in a few minutes all the integration of our system of request and monitoring of maintenance services directly through your real estate website, and you will be able to follow everything online in an automated and organized way in our software management.

Simplifying Property Maintenance

The Fix provides the technology used by most major real estate in Pakistan. Customer satisfaction has been immediate, being in most cases the simplification of the property maintenance process.

That's because we have the ability to resolve maintenance in much less time. Within our in-house team, we have engineers who evaluate one hundred percent of calls before budgeting, ensuring that quotes are quick and fair. Our video and photo request mechanism allows us to complete 80% of our calls without the need for a technical visit.

Another positive point is that we take care of the entire process for you, making maintenance even more agile, with reliable professionals and support at any time for you and your owners and tenants. Thus, we mediate the communication between the provider and its customer, increasing customer safety and satisfaction throughout the entire process.

If you do each property repair service yourself, looking for professionals, raising budgets and carrying out works, you will take much longer and will still be subject to the highest prices in the market. With Fix, this time is shortened, and the whole process is simplified, everything needed to succeed in the globalized world.

Advantages for the Owner

If you are a real estate owner, you already understand the benefits for your business in having us as partners. However, the advantages do not stop there, as our actions also help you to increase the satisfaction of property owners, customers of your property.

Fix guarantees much more security and convenience for those who have a rented property. The entire process can be accompanied by photos, videos and reports, so we help ensure the asset's good condition without having to go there. Our care with the property ensures that it is offered back in the same condition as it was rented or even in better condition.

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The quality of our service is another advantage for the owner, as he will be able to count on a network of rigorously selected professionals to provide a wide range of services. And, last but not least, we offer secure forms of payment online through the platform, with payment in up to four installments on your credit card or even a discount on rent. We also offer a three-month warranty for any service.

Advantages for the Tenant

Your real estate's tenants are also not left out of this benefit combo. That's because we think about everyone involved in this process, since increasing your customers' satisfaction, we help you too. The tenant who needs any repair has agility in the process. He can open orders by sending us photos, videos or audios directly through his website. And with that, the advantage is that we are able to visualize the problem and point out the solution without the need for a technical visit, together with our engineers and service providers.

As in the case of the owner, the tenant also has information at all times, as we are always in contact via e-mail or even enabling direct monitoring on the real estate portal.

In addition to the common maintenance services, the tenant also has an easier time returning the property. We offer a specialized service with specific budgets for everything usually requested in the final inspection. So he doesn't have to worry about short deadlines and fines.

How does it Work?

The way we work is quite simple to understand. If your tenants need any home repair service, we will be ready to assist you in basically four steps.

  • 1 - Request: Your tenant asks us for some maintenance service. For that, he can send photos and documents that show the problem to be repaired directly on your real estate website.
  • 2 – Moderation: This part is performed by Fix or the real estate agency. Here we moderate, identifying if the problem is really the property owner's responsibility.
  • 3 – Choice: At this stage, we automatically send budgets to the owner, who will choose a service provider of their choice, having access to their assessment, distance and other details.
  • 4 – Return: Your real estate agency receives a return for the contracted service.

In short, the benefits for your property involve the financial management of the services, automatic submission of quotes for approval, monitoring, guarantee and insurance, service and operational support, qualified service providers, multichannel with the application, Fix or real estate website, flexible moderation, in addition to remuneration for each completed service.

How to Have Fix as a Partner of Your Real Estate Agency?

Our goal is to add value to the services you provide to your customers and make you earn from it. Becoming a Fixed real estate partner is very simple. We follow three steps:

In the first one, we introduce you to our process and the financial and operational benefits of joining Fix. In the second step, we help you automate and communicate the partnership to your customers. And, finally, we train your team of employees to serve your customers with this new model better. Then, your tenants will be able to start asking for our services.

Simple and easy!