What to Do Before Delivering a Rental Property?

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When you want to move out of your rental property, some headaches may appear, as there is usually a flurry of things to be resolved. It is often necessary to go in search of another property when there has not even been time to resolve the pending issues of the current home.

Setbacks can always arise. Even the best-planned tenant of all is liable to have unforeseen circumstances when it comes to returning the house or apartment to the owner. Therefore, solving outstanding bureaucracies in the current property, such as the closure of internet and cable TV services, or even the finalization of water, electricity and gas bills in your name, can yield good doses of stress.

Lease agreements primarily require tenants to hand over the rented property the same way they found it. That is, the paintwork needs to be in the same shades of color and quality as it was when the landlord entered the property, and items such as doorknobs and faucets must be in the same condition as found.

Check the conditions of the rental property in advance

If you rent the property through a real estate agency, a final inspection will be carried out, usually a week before the completion or breach of contract. Ideally, the space is already as close as possible to the initial conditions to avoid rework, unexpected expenses and fines. At this stage, the inspection report on entry into the property is usually compared with current conditions, and thus the repairs required for delivery are listed.

If by chance, there has been any damage to the structure of the property, which has been caused by the resident, it needs to be repaired immediately. This does not apply to wear and tear caused by the action of time, things that the landlord cannot control. In such cases, maintenance must be carried out by the owner of the rented property.

If the tenant has made changes to the structure of the place or even improvements that have not been authorized by the owner or the real estate agent, it may be necessary to undo them. In this case, it is always worth aligning with the owner before taking any action.

All of these demands take time to be planned and carried out and also mean more expenses. Therefore, it is important always to plan everything in advance or find someone who will take care of it for you.

Is the rental day coming up, and you still don't know where to start? Rest assured, Sky Marketing gives you some tips that will clear your mind and give you direction. Take a deep breath, and let's go.

Revisit the Contract Before Handing Over a Rental Property

If you don't know where to start and need to deliver a rental property, start by reading your lease again. It should detail the issues you need to resolve to return the house or apartment. Blue World City offers easy agreements or leases to its customers that are simple to follow.

When you decide to rent a property, the signed contract is the basis so that there is no exaggeration or that one of the parties leaves at a disadvantage. According to the Tenancy Law, strictly followed by kingdom valley naya pakistan , when the keys are returned, the residence must be exactly as it was found, which means that if you painted the walls blue and they were white, they will need to return to their original color.

An important tip when renting a space, whatever you are going to use it for, taking pictures before occupancy is a good way to know how it was at the time of the lease. This is for both housing and commerce. All of this needs to be included in the contract or the entry inspection report if a real estate agency manages your lease, but in any case, images can help to avoid future problems.

Read the contract, make a list, and you will know exactly what needs to be done before delivering a rental property. As long as the to-do list maybe, depending on the case, you'll be able to organize it from then on.

How to Organize Everything Before Handing Over a Rental Property

Once you've gone over the contract and key delivery terms, the next step is to get your hands dirty. Remember that it is always good to pay attention to what is actually your responsibility and which repairs should not be carried out, so you avoid spending money unnecessarily, in addition to minimizing the headache of carrying out repairs while you are still living in the property.

So if you're in this situation, don't try to take a step bigger than your leg. Sometimes it's better to hire a service that can do all the necessary repairs before handing over the current home to reduce the chances of running with repairs after the inspection when the end of the contract is very close.

The Fix is an expert in the subject and can take this burden off your back.

How to Return a Rental Property?

  1. Up-to-date bills: make sure all water, electricity and gas bills are paid. You must be responsible for them until the date the rental property is vacated. It is necessary to close them so that future charges will not come in your name. Also, don't forget to cancel any services you may have contracted such as internet, telephone lines and cable TV. If you intend to continue with these services, you can ask for portability to your new home.
  2. Moving: taking your furniture and belongings to your next home can be done at this stage or even after internal repairs. The best suggestion is to do this as soon as possible, as an empty rental property is easier to make repairs, painting and cleaning. It will be necessary to hire a carrier service.
  3. Internal maintenance: pay attention to details and check that there are no problems such as hydraulic leaks, electrical installations in disagreement, damaged doors, windows and door handles. You can also call a professional specialized in carrying out this type of check with Fix, requesting the “Return property” service. In this case, a professional maintenance technician makes a free visit to the site and already makes a budget for all the problems that are usually identified in vacancy inspections. That way, you can pay a fair price and prepare in advance to resolve what is needed.
  4. Wall painting: after the necessary repairs are made to the internal structures of a rented property, it is necessary to paint the place's walls so that they are the same as they were found. This is a unanimous clause in lease agreements, so stay tuned.
  5. Cleaning: after staining the internal walls, it will be necessary to leave the environment clean. Be careful not to leave paint stains on the floor, doors and windows. In that case, go for the basics: lots of soap and water. If the job is too heavy, consider hiring a cleaning professional as day laborer.

Many of these services, such as transporting your belongings to another location, internal repairs, and painting the walls, tend to be more costly if contracted separately.

Termination of Contract: Return a Rental Property Ahead of Time

Currently, if a lease has a definite term of time, the landlord does not have the right to terminate it unless the tenant fails to pay the rent. However, the tenant can if he is willing to bear the possible consequences of this.

Unfortunately, unforeseen events can happen when we rent a property. It can happen that you go to live in very noisy places and don't have a good adaptation and have to move immediately because of job promotions. There are several reasons that can make us have to vacate a rented property before its time.

So don't worry, there is always a solution. If you need to leave the site before the deadline, you will need to pay a fine. Generally, the amount of the fine is proportional to the period of performance of the contract, or what is stipulated in court, if this amount is not paid.

How Much Should I Pay on Termination of Contract?

The amount to be disbursed will depend on how much time is left until the end of the contract. The more time left, the higher the value. Therefore, the rental agreement should only be signed if you at least intend to stay until the end. Unforeseen events along the route may be negotiated.

The tenant is only exempt from paying the fine if he can prove the transfer of employment to another city. Still, it is necessary to inform the lessee at least 30 days in advance. It is quite common for 30-month lease contracts. In this case, if both parties agree, this fine may become non-existent after the twelfth month.

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Another situation is the following: if the full term of the contract is fulfilled and the property is neither returned nor charged by the lessee, this same contract will have an indefinite term, and no fine may be charged. All this information is described in the Tenancy Law.

Simplify your work before handing over a rental property

The entire procedure that takes place before delivering a rented property can be simplified and quick, if you decide to streamline everything with Fix.

We have a qualified and reliable team with the best professionals in the market to solve all the necessary repairs for you to deliver the lease in excellent condition. Our services include installation, maintenance, repairs and repairs.

It is very easy to request our services. See how:

• Registration is done on the website or through the application

• If you are returning your rented property, you can select the Return property category, and you will have a visit from a qualified professional to assess what will be requested in the final inspection of the property

• The visit is free of charge, and the professional will make the quotes right there to include in the application

• You will be able to pay securely, in up to 4 installments on the card, with payment only after the service is ready, and a 90-day guarantee

Thanks to the development of digital platforms, it is possible to shorten processes that would take much longer. Before returning a rented property, repairs, maintenance, and possible repairs can occur unexpectedly, often hindering the tenant's planning.

Now that you know what needs to be done before delivering a rental property, as well as our efforts to resolve everything for you, it got easier, didn't it?