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Curso pela Universidade Johns Hopkins com legendas em Português | Coursera.
  • Data de publicação: 30/09/2017
  • Idioma: Português (Brasil)
  • Plataforma: Coursera
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  • WEEK 1

    During Week 1, you'll learn about the goals and objectives of the Data Science Specialization and each of its components. You'll also get an overview of the field as well as instructions on how to install R.

  • WEEK 2 | Installing the Toolbox

    This is the most lecture-intensive week of the course. The primary goal is to get you set up with R, Rstudio, Github, and the other tools we will use throughout the Data Science Specialization and your ongoing work as a data scientist.

  • WEEK 3 | Conceptual Issues

    The Week 3 lectures focus on conceptual issues behind study design and turning data into knowledge. If you have trouble or want to explore issues in more depth, please seek out answers on the forums. They are a great resource! If you happen to be a superstar who already gets it, please take the time to help your classmates by answering their questions as well. This is one of the best ways to practice using and explaining your skills to others. These are two of the key characteristics of excellent data scientists.

  • WEEK 4 | Course Project Submission & Evaluation

    In Week 4, we'll focus on the Course Project. This is your opportunity to install the tools and set up the accounts that you'll need for the rest of the specialization and for work in data science.

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Neste curso você receberá uma introdução às ferramentas e idéias mais importantes da "caixa de ferramenta do cientista". O curso dará uma visão geral de dados, perguntas e ferramentas utilizadas pelo cientista para a análise de dados. Este curso possui duas partes. A primeira é uma parte introdutória e conceitual às ideias por trás da transformação de dados em conhecimento. A segunda parte dará uma intrudução prática às ferramentas que serão utilizadas durante o programa (version control, markdown, git, GitHub, R e RStudio).

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