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1) Which of the following is an IT resource identified in CobiT?
a) Network
b) Systems software
c) Servers
d) Infrastructure

2) Which of the following is a benefit of strategic alignment?
a) Meeting project deadlines
b) Maintaining skilled resources
c) Producing high-quality software
d) Optimizing the use of resources

3) A primary advantage of adopting the CobiT Framework is that it:
a) Focuses on security
b) Focuses on operations
c) Is based on accounting controls
d) Is compatible with other frameworks

4) What is the IT control model that is based on COSO?
a) ISO 17799
d) CMM

5) Which of the following is an IT Governance concern of a trading partner?
a) The IT operation is cost effective and efficient
b) System changes are not made without the partners approval
c) Confidential company information is not given to competitors
d) The IT systems are based on the latest technology

6) Which the following is used to measure IT Processes for outcome?
a) RACI Charts
b) Maturity Models
c) Key Performance Indication
d) Key Goal Indicator

7) Which of the following is the most significant challenge in the management of IT?
a) Choosing the best management tools
b) Ensuring regulatory compliance
c) Solving technical problems
d) Maintaining currency of the infrastructure

8) Which of the following is a characteristic of a control framework?
a) Mandatory limits
b) Exception reports
c) Audit trails
d) Helps meet regulatory requirements

9) The Assurance Guide enable the auditor to:
a) Help process owners decide what controls to fix
b) Define controls
c) Set objectives and measures
d) Assess maturity of processes

10) Which of the following is the most likely problem caused by the complexity of IT?
a) Adapting to rapid changes and new developments
b) Failing to select the best IT solution
c) Managing user support requests
d) Keeping projects on track and within budget

11) In PO10 an ongoing program to identify and institutionalize best practices indicates
which level of maturity?
a) Level 2 - Repeatable
b) Level 4 - Managed
c) Level 5 - Optimized
d) Level 3 - Defined

12) Key Goal Indicators (KGIs) measure:
a) The achievement of objectives
b) How well the business uses IT
c) The effectiveness of users of IT services
d) Process performance

13) COSO is an accepted framework for establishing:
a) Management processes
b) Internal controls
c) Regulatory requirements
d) IT controls

14) The Percent of major suppliers meeting clearly defined requirements and servicelevels
is an example of a CobiT KGI?
a) True
b) False

15) KGIs are often referred to as lag indicators because they only are measured:
a) As groups of goals
b) One goal at a time
c) On a continuous basis
d) After the fact

16) Which CobiT product provides the most up-to-date CobiT information?
a) CobiT Framework
b) CobiT Control Objectives
c) CobiT Online
d) IT Governance Implementation Guide

17) ISO 17799 provides the detailed how to do it for:
a) Information security management
b) Service delivery
c) Strategic planning
d) Project management

18) Which of the following is a component of the CobiT Framework?
a) IT Procedures
b) IT audit objectives
c) Information Criteria
d) IT security objectives

19) How do COBIT’s Management Guidelines help to keep the ship on course?
a) Metrics and maturity models enable scorecards and benchmarking to be used
b) Control practices enable users to implement effective controls
c) Control objectives enable key controls to be defined
d) Key activities enable important actions to be performed

20) Which CobiT domain focuses on areas such as operations, security and continuity?
a) Monitor and Evaluate
b) Plan and Organize
c) Acquire and Implement
d) Deliver and Support

21) COBIT ensures process orientation by:
a) Defining the procedures that need to be followed for all key IT processes.
b) Providing an IT process model with interfaces to business processes.
c) Defining the skills and resources required to operate IT processes.
d) Enabling responsibility for processes to be assigned.

22) Which of the following IT Processes is concerned with defining and collecting monitoring data?
a) P04 Define the IT organization and relationships
b) DS1 Define and manage service levels
c) ME1 Monitor and evaluate IT performance
d) DS2 Manage third-party services

23) The CobiT Framework states that to satisfy business objectives, information needs to conform to certain information criteria, including?
a) Continuity
b) Security
c) Delivery
d) Compliance

24) Which CobiT IT Resource can be defined as being hardware, operating systems, database management systems, networking, multimedia and environment?
a) Systems
b) Technology
c) Software
d) Infrastructure

25) In DS2 responsibilities for contract and vendor management are assigned indicates which level of maturity?
a) Level 2 - Repeatable
b) Level 3 - Defined
c) Level 4 - Managed
d) Level 1 - Initial

26) To satisfy business objectives, information needs to conform to certain criteria, which CobiT refers as:
a) Control Practices
b) Control Objectives
c) Information Criteria
d) Key Goal Indicators

27) Which of the following is a Component of the management guidelines?
a) Process descriptions
b) Information attributes
c) Key goal and performance indicators
d) Assurance levels

28) The use of CobiT Quickstart is most valuable to:
a) Control specialists requiring an easy-to-apply checklist
b) Boards of directors wanting to get a quick overview of CobiT
c) Organizations wanting to focus initially on the important elements of CobiT
d) Audit managers needing to quickly devise an IT audit approach

29) Which of the following IT Processes addresses delivering in agreed timeframes, budgets and quality?
a) DS2 Manage third-party services
b) PO10 Manage projects
c) DS8 Manage service desk and incidents
d) PO1 Define a strategic IT plan

30) A risk management method is risk:
a) Acceptance
b) Adjustment
c) Taking
d) Measurement

31) The relationship owners must liaise on customer and supplier issues and ensure the quality of the relationship based on trust and transparency is an example of a:
a) Key Activity
b) Control Practice
c) KGI
d) Control Objective

32) Which of the following is a key benefit of IT Governance?
a) Greater transparency over IT
b) Ability to be an IT leader
c) Greater awareness of technical solutions
d) Increased IT investment

33) Which level of maturity in the CobiT IT processes is usually associated with best practices?
a) Level 5 - Optimized
b) Level 3 - Defined
c) Level 2 - Repeatable
d) Level 4 – Managed

34) Where within CobiT will a user find help in setting measurable objectives?
a) Control Objectives
b) Framework
c) IT Governance Implementation Guide
d) Management Guidelines

35) Which of the following is a security requirement within the CobiT Information
a) Effectiveness
b) Confidentiality
c) Quality
d) DeliverY

36) Which of the following represents an organizational perspective of a balanced scorecard?
a) Control
b) Management
c) Process
d) Governance

37) Through which of the following CobiT Online facilities does ISACA raise its
awareness of CobiT users experiences and issues?
a) Surveys
b) Benchmarking
c) Feedback
d) Help

38) Which of the following is included as a component part of the CobiT mission?
a) Provide consulting and implementation services
b) Produce an ISO standard
c) Develop internationally accepted control objectives
d) Certify companies and products

39) The measure of significant incidents of supplier non-compliance per time period is
an example of a:
a) KPI
b) KGI
c) CSF
d) CMM

40) What does the CobiT Framework focus on?
a) Adequate governance, management and control of IT
b) Required control procedures
c) A guide for the business in how to use IT services
d) A checklist for auditors