Simulado COBIT Foundation - 5

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SIMULADO COBIT  - 05 (em inglês)

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1) Resource needs and roles and responsibilities, as well as escalation and decisionmaking authorities, are identified for the project is an example of a:

a) Key Activity
b) Control Practice
c) Control Objective
d) KGI

2) Which component of CobiT will help answer the question: Am I meeting goals?
a) Control Objectives
b) IT Governance Implementation Guide
c) Framework
d) Management Guidelines

3) Which of the following is the best way for an organization to ensure third party regulatory compliance?
a) Ensuring compliance requirements are included in legal and contractual agreements
with service providers and trading partners
b) Asking the third parties compliance function to review all regulatory matters
c) Performing due diligence reviews of the third parties control environment
d) Discussing with regulators any problems in the past with the third party

4) A risk management method is risk:
a) Adjustment
b) Taking
c) Acceptance
d) Measurement

5) What is a detailed control objective?
a) The minimum controls required
b) The minimum maturity required
c) The degree of security required
d) A description of a process activities

6) Which of the following is an IT resource identified in CobiT?
a) Network
b) People
c) Systems software
d) Servers

7) Which CobiT domain focuses on strategy, tactics and the planned vision?
a) Monitor and Evaluate
b) Plan and Organise
c) Deliver and Support
d) Acquire and Implement

8) Which of the following IT Processes is concerned with defining and collecting
monitoring data?
a) DS2 Manage third-party services
b) ME 1 Monitor and evaluate IT performance
c) DS 1 Define and manage service levels
d) P04 Define the IT organization and relationships

9) The standards and best practices an organization adopts should be determined by the:
a) Chief executive officer
b) Organizations operating environment
c) Organization HR department
d) Architecture groups policies

10) A primary advantage of adopting the CobiT framework is that it:
a) Focuses on security
b) Focuses on operations
c) Is compatible with other frameworks
d) Is based on accounting controls

11) Which domain of IT Governance deals with making sure there is an optimal
capability to deliver the IT strategy?
a) Strategic alignment
b) Resource management
c) Risk management
d) Value delivery

12) Which level of maturity in the CobiT processes is usually associated with best practices?
a) Level 3 - Defined
b) Level 4 - Managed
c) Level 2 - Repeatable
d) Level 5 - Optimized

13) Which of the following is the best way to make performance measurement
a) Insist that all staff members measure their personal performance
b) Report on performance failures and successes and publish openly
c) Establish metrics that have been defined and approved by stakeholders
d) Set targets that stretch performance in key aspects of IT service delivery

14) Utilizing the CobiT Framework will help an organization to:
a) Be more aware of technological developments and approaches
b) Develop systems quicker and at lower costs.
c) Better align IT with the business
d) Hire more qualified and better skilled IT staff

15) Which of the following can be benchmarked in Cobit Online?
a) Importance of a process
b) Relevance of IT Resource
c) Significance of Information Criteria
d) Use of Control Practices

16) Which of the following is a characteristic of a control framework?
a) Exception reports
b) Helps meet regulatory requirements
c) Audit trails
d) Mandatory limits

17) CMM is a methodology used to develop and refine an organizations:
a) Strategic planning
b ) IT service delivery execution
c) Software development process
d) Business continuity and security planning

18) In PO10 project milestones and criteria for evaluating success indicates which level of maturity?
a) Level 4 - managed
b) Level 3 - defined
c) Level 2 - Repeatable
d) Level 1 - Initial

19) Which CobiT IT Resource can be defined as being hardware, operating systems, database management systems, networking, multimedia and environment?
a) Software
b) Technology
c) Systems
d) Infrastructure

20) A primary objective of CobiT Quickstart is to:
a) Gain benefits quickly
b) Perform audits quickly
c) Perform a quick maturity assessment
d) Focus on technical areas

21) The Percent of major suppliers meeting clearly defined requirements and service levels is an example of a CobiT KGI?
a) False
b) True

22) Which of the following is a key benefits of IT Governance?
a) Ability to be an IT leader
b) Increased IT investment
c) Greater transparency over IT
d) Greater awareness of technical solutions

23) What does the CobiT Framework focus on?
a) A guide for the business in how to use IT services
b) A checklist for auditors
c) Adequate governance, management and control of IT
d) Required control procedures

24) Which of the following is the most likely problem encountered when trying to align IT with the business?
a) Developed too quickly
b) Inability to set priorities
c) Inadequate problem management practices
d) Use of an external IT consultant for project management

25) Which of the following is used to define roles?
a) Key Performance Indicators
b) RACI Charts
c) Information Criteria
d) Maturity Models

26) The CobiT Framework states that to satisfy business objectives, information needs to confirm to certain information criteria, including?
a) Integrity
b) Delivery
c) Continuity
d) Security

27) The Assurance Guide enable the auditor to:
a) Set objectives and measures
b) Assess maturity of processes
c) Helps process owners decide what controls to fix
d) Define controls

28) Which of the following is a security requirement within the CobiT Information Criteria?
a) Confidentiality
b) Effectiveness
c) Quality
d) Delivery

29) The CobiT Online Benchmarking facility can be used by:
a) Browsing and completing maturity assessments
b) Participating in surveys
c) Inputting user scores on a range of CobiT components
d) Downloading selected CobiT content and doing maturity assessments

30) Which of the following is included as a component part of the CobiT mission?
a) Provide consulting and implementation services
b) Produce an ISO standard
c) Certify companies and products
d) Develop internationally accepted control objectives

31) The Management Guidelines provide tools to set measurable objectives for each:
a) Information Criteria and measure and compare its current capability in each process
b) Process and measure and compare its current capability in each process
c) Resource and measure and compare its current capability in each process
d) Domain and measure and compare its current capability in each process

32) How do CobiTs Management Guidelines help to keep the ship on course?
a) Key activities enable important actions to be performed
b) Metrics and maturity models enable scorecards and benchmarking to be used
c) Control practices enable users to implement effective controls
d) Control objectives enable key controls to be defined

33) CobiT Maturity Models provide a framework to identify:
a) Information Criteria and an ongoing basis to measure controls
b) Metrics and an ongoing basis to measure goals
c) Controls and an ongoing basis to measure Control Practices
d) Improvement targets and an ongoing basis to measure status and progress

34) Which of the following is used to implement Control Objectives?
a) IT processes
b) Maturity Models
c) Control Practices
d) Activities

35) To satisfy business objectives, information needs to conform to certain criteria, which CobiT refers as:
a) Key Goal Indicators
b) Control Objectives
c) Information Criteria
d) Control Practices

36) Which of the following phrases best describe Value Delivery?
a) Using systems out of the box to save costs
b) Delivering under budget
c) Delivering on promised benefits at a reasonable cost
d) Promising the lowest price

37) ISO 17799 provides the detailed how to do it for:
a) Service delivery
b) Strategic planning
c) Information security management
d) Project management

38) Which of the following is a component of the management guidelines?
a) Information attributes
b) Control objectives
c) Process and activity goals
d) Assurance levels

39) IT costs are usually perceived to be out of control because most organizations:
a) have weak controls over the purchasing process
b) experience an annual increase in operating budgets as a result of complex licensing,
maintenance and outsourcing contracts
c) fail to identify cost-effective IT solutions
d) underestimate the cost of technology

40) In DS2 a signed pro-forma contract is used with standard vendor terms and conditions and description or services to be provide indicates which level of maturity?
a) Level 2 - Repeatable
b) Level 1 - Initial
c) Level 3 - Defined
d) Level 4 – Managed