Simulado COBIT Foundation - 7

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SIMULADO COBIT 4.1 - 07 (em inglês)

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1 - Which domain of IT Governance delivers benefits at reasonable cost?
a) Resource management
b) Performance measurement
c) Value delivery.
d) Risk management

2 - Which of the following is a component of the COBIT Framework?
a) Procedures
b) Business Requirements/Information Criteria.
c) Security Objectives
d) Audit Objectives

3 - COBIT Security Baseline is cross-referenced to:
b) ISO 17799.
d) CMM

4 - COBIT Maturity Models enable a process owner to benchmark the:
a) Relative maturity of current process and set targets for improvement.
b) Controls of the current process and set targets for Control Practices
c) Responsibilities of the current process and set targets for accountability
d) Metrics of the current process and set targets for goal indicators

5 - Which level of maturity in the COBIT IT processes is usually associated with a process being monitored?
a) Level 1 – Initial
b) Level 3 – Defined
c) Level 2 – Repeatable
d) Level 4 – Managed.

6 - Where within COBIT will a user find resources to help assess the capability of the IT Processes?
a) Management Guidelines
b) IT Governance Implementation Guide
c) Control Objectives
d) Framework

7 - Which of the following is a benefit of strategic alignment?
a) Maintaining skilled resources
b) Producing high-quality software
c) Meeting project deadlines
d) Optimal use of IT resources.

8 - The Information Criteria concerned with the provision of appropriate information for management to operate the entity and exercise its financial and compliance reporting responsibilities is:
a) Compliance
b) Reliability.
c) Confidentiality
d) Integrity

9 - The COBIT Domains provide logical groupings for:
a) Maturity Models
b) IT Resources
c) Information Criteria
d) IT Processes.

10 - Which COBIT product provides the most up-to-date COBIT information?
a) IT Governance Implementation Guide
b) COBIT Framework
c) COBIT Control Objectives
d) COBIT Online.

11 - Organizations should use COBIT as:
a) Provided without modification
b) A set of mandatory procedures
c) A systems development life cycle
d) A basis to meet the specific needs of the business.

12 - How do the Audit Guidelines help internal and external auditors?
a) Create maturity models
b) Create metrics
c) Design processes and controls
d) Assess the performance of the organization.

13 - Which of the following is the best way to manage what constitutes good service?
a) Assess controls in service delivery
b) Create contractually defined service levels.
c) Perform audits of service contracts
d) Measure maturity of service-related processes

14- KPIs measure:
a) Enabling factors
b) IT Processes.
c) Control Practices
d) Controls

15 - The measure of frequency of service level reports is an example of a:
a) CMM
b) KGI
c) CSF
d) KPI.

16 - Which of the following is a characteristic of a control framework?
a) Audit trails
b) Exception reports
c) Business focus.
d) Mandatory limits

17 – Which of the following is the most significant challenge in the management of IT?
a) Maintaining adequate security
b) Maintaining currency of the infrastructure.
c) Solving technical problems
d) Choosing the best management tools

18 - Which of the following is a key benefit of IT Governance?
a) Increased IT investment
b) Greater awareness of available technical solutions
c) Ability to be an IT leader
d) Greater transparency over IT.

19 - What is the IT control model that is based on COSO?
a) ISO 17799
d) CMM

20 - ITIL provides the detailed how to do it for:
a) IT security
b) IT service management.
c) Strategic planning
d) Project management

21 – Which of the following is an IT resource identified in COBIT?
a) Applications.
b) Network
c) Servers
d) Systems software

22 – Which component of COBIT Online enables a user to perform an online search of COBIT content?
a) Benchmarking
b) Browsing.
c) Feedback
d) Help

23 – Which of the following is a security requirement within the COBIT Information Criteria?
a) Delivery
b) Effectiveness
c) Confidentiality.
d) Quality

24 - A primary advantage of adopting the COBIT Framework is that IT:
a) Focuses on operations
b) Is based on accounting controls.
c) Is compatible with other frameworks
d) Focuses on security

25 - The best way for organizations to ensure adequate security of their IT environment is by:
a) Increasing the awareness of management and users of their responsibilities and possible risks.
b) Investing in the latest access control software solutions and focusing on protecting the network
c) Physically protecting vulnerable computer equipment and storing them in locked rooms
d) Focusing on an expert group end employing skilled security experts and advisors

26 – Through which of the following COBIT Online facilities does ISACA raise its
awareness of COBIT users experiences and issues?
a) Help
b) Benchmarking.
c) Feedback
d) Survey

27 - Which of the following IT Processes includes a KPI for post implementation
a) PO10 Manage project.
b) M1 Monitor the process
c) DS2 Manage third-party services
d) AI6 Change management

28 - A method for managing risks is risk:
a) Adjustment
b) Taking
c) Measurement.
d) Acceptance

29 - Maturity Models help organizations to:
a) Define procedures for specific controls
b) Measure performance against objectives.
c) Define targets to be achieved
d) Meet Critical Success Factors

30 - Which component of COBIT will help answer the question: How do I determine whether we are doing the right things?
a) Management Guidelines.
b) Control Objectives
c) IT Governance Implementation Guide
d) Framework

31 – KPIs measure:
a) Controls
b) Enabling factors
c) IT Processes.
d) Control Practices

32 – The percent of projects with post-project reviews is an example of a COBIT KPI?
a) False
b) True.

33 - Which COBIT IT Resource can be defined as being hardware, operating systems, database management systems, networking and multimedia?
a) Systems
b) Software
c) Technology
d) Infrastructure.

34 - Which of the following IT Processes addresses outsourcing contracts?
a) AI3 Acquire and maintain technology infrastructure
b) PO10 Project management
c) PO4 Define the IT organization and relationships
d) DS2 Manage third-party services.

35 - The COBIT Framework states that to satisfy business objectives, information needs
to conform to certain information criteria, including:
a) Efficiency.
b) Security
c) Delivery
d) Continuity

36 - The generic maturity model approach and method of scoring from nonexistent to optimize (from 0 to 5) within COBIT is designed to help organizations understand their:
a) Controls
b) Capabilities.
c) Metrics
d) Domains

37) Which of the following can be benchmarked in COBIT Online?
a) Relevance of IT Resources
b) Use of Control Practices
c) Significance of Information Criteria
d) Importance of a process

38) The Number of significant incidents of supplier non-compliance per time period is an example of a COBIT KPI?
a) False
b) True

39 - Which of the following is included as a component of the COBIT mission?
a) Develop internationally accepted control objectives.
b) Provide consulting and implementation services
c) Certify companies and products
d) Produce an ISO standard

40 - Which COBIT product provides a select and summarized version of COBIT?
a) COBIT Quick start.
b) Management Guidelines
c) IT Governance Implementation Guide
d) Control Objectives